Garleton Castle, East Lothian

Project Summary

These investigations were carried out on behalf of the Wemyss and March Estate prior to a planning application regarding this property. The main fabric of the structure is dated to the late 16th century and was originally 3 storeys in height, excluding possible attic accommodation. The truncated lodge has then been re-roofed in the late 20th century and previously converted to workers cottages during the late 18th century, with a further two re-modelling events in the late 19th and mid 20th century.

The historical background to the site is related as a narrative from AD 1214 to the present and is to be published in book form for the new owner.

Service Provision

The work was carried out in order to create a baseline data set regarding the dating, phasing, constructional history and general historical background to the structure to aid planning application, scheduled monument consent and inform architectural renovation..

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Connolly, D. and Yeoman, L.
Garleton Castle: Southwest Lodge, Athelstaneford, East Lothian 2012 Preliminary Report
(Grey Literature report) [Garleton Castle Report 17Mb]




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