• Archaeological Services

    We are a small archaeological contractor offering high quality services to meet your specific need.  Professional archaeology project management and development control advice.

  • Public Archaeology

    The past is public property, and should be open to the widest of people, we have developed an evolving programme of open access archaeology to suit all needs.

  • Land Survey

    Using Total Stations, GPS and Penmap software, we are able to carry out a range of topographic surveys.  WE carry out landscape walkover survey utilising the latest georeferencing capture technology.

  • Design and Images

    From website creation to interpretation panels, illustration and photography.  Design is all about what both looks good and works better than you thought.

  • Training Services

    Being able to pass on the skills acquired requires a teaching methodology that fits the learner.  Survey, Community Interaction and Fieldwork are on offer.

  • Buildings Archaeology

    Understanding architectural archaeology is a 4 dimensional puzzle requiring a range of skills from survey, drawing and analysis

Who is behind CHC?

David Connolly MIfA FSAScot