Jerash Hinterland Survey, Jordan

Project Summary

A joint Scottish/Australian team led by Prof. D. Kennedy and Fiona Baker – this was a large hinterland survey covering 9 kilometre squares around the Decapolis city of Jerash/Gerasa.   Hundreds of new sites ranging from Ottoman to palaeolithic were recorded, photographed and located.  The completed database was designed to be added to and

Very little archaeological survey or excavation work has taken place in the immediate vicinity of the city and the archaeological evidence was poorly recorded and little understood until the Jarash Hinterland Survey(JHS) commenced in 2005. This baseline survey shows that rapid urban development may be destroying ca. 10% of the archaeological sites around the city every year.

Service Provision

We provided the custom database system, GIS mapping and survey technology – training the teams over two seasons in the field. The system was designed to dovetail with the Jordanian Antiquities system MEGA with the ability to be updated as well as inform and monitor construction and development controls within the area.

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Baker, F.M.C. and Sharman, P.M.2005
Jarash Hinterland Survey 2005 Preliminary Report
(unpublished manuscript, available at DoA,CBRL and ACOR Libraries)

Baker, F.M.C. and Kennedy D. 2011
Jarash Hinterland Survey 2010 Season Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan 2011 Vol 55


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