2014 a year ahead

Sometimes the phrase strength to strength can be overused, but when we look forward to 2014 it could indeed be a real cracker of a year with more public work than ever, including further excavation at Amisfield Garden, Haddington and North Berwick.  there seems to be a real opportunity for a massive recording and interpretation project at St Mary’s Church in Haddington as well, which would include 3D models, interactive displays and conferences.

Talking of conferences, we are also leading one of the sessions at the IfA Conference in Glasgow and are hopefully presenting at the EAA conference in Istanbul.

Rampart Scotland with Murray Cook is shaping into a very satisfying project with fun and research into Iron Age Hillforts.  This has also led to collaboration with Aberdeenshire based  group NESARs to teach survey and help excavate what may be a stone circle.

Creating more websites as well, and hopefully launching the Archaeology Skills Passport in April.    The monthly articles are still going into the East Lothian News and quarterly articles into East Lothian Life as well as the daily articles for Past Horizons Archaeology News.

Full steam ahead!


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